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Customer Testimonials

We strive to be the best in our industry and customer feedback lets us know how we’re doing. We’d love to see your name and praise here. 



“Ryan showed up with a flatbed which I needed for my electric car after it ran out of juice. Super capable guy who cut his Sunday dinner short to respond to our call. By the book, Ryan strapped the tires instead of the body hooks. He explained that this technique insulates from electrical shock, and protects the vehicle from damage.

Thanks Ryan!”

~ Ron W., Monterey, CA



“My daughter was in an accident and both cars were totaled. Marx came and towed them to their yard, so I dealt with them and my insurance over the next day or so. Having dealt with a tow company before, my stomach sank at the thought of doing it again. When we went to Marx to clean out her car, I was really surprised by how nice the guys were. A bee had set up house in the car and a guy came over and took care of it for us. They made sure we didn’t need more help and told us to let them know if we did.”

~ Carla C., Gilroy, CA 



“I woke up to a car that wouldn’t start this morning.  Ugh.  Not a good way to start the day.  It seemed to be the battery, so I called AAA.  Silvester with Marx’s Towing was at my house within 20 minutes.  He diagnosed the problem which was indeed only a bad battery.  He jumped the car and got it started.  Then I was thinking I would have to get the car to the service station and wait for a new battery to be put in.  Well, to my surprise he had new batteries on his truck.  I was stoked.  Silvester had the new battery in and my car up and running in 30 minutes.  He made my day.  Thank you Silvester and Marx’s Towing.  Such a great experience.”

~ Rachel C., Gilroy, CA



“I had a flat, Nolan responded. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Changed the tire fast, checked the air in the spare. Excellent.”

~ Stephan C., San Jose, CA



“I was dealing with a dead battery crisis, and Peter saved me!  Quick, smart, and professional – just what anyone dealing with car trouble needs.”

~ Anna S., Menlo Park, CA

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