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Vehicle Retrieval Information
Law Enforcement Tows

If you believe that the Police have towed your vehicle, please contact them directly.  This is better than calling each of the local tow companies on rotation asking if they have your car.  The Gilroy Police Department (408-846-0300) will have record of your car if it was towed by them, or towed as the result of a Private Property tow. 


Your vehicle may have also been towed by either the California Highway Patrol (408-848-2324), or the Sheriff's Department, depending on where the event happened. Marx Towing provides service to the CHP, but we do not tow for the Santa Clara or San Benito County Sheriff Departments.

In some instances, the retrieval of your vehicle will require a Release from the proper Storage Agency (GPD or CHP).  Remember, Marx Towing did not initiate this tow, the Storage Authority did.  We simply provided the tow service on a rotation basis with other local tow companies.

In order to retrieve your vehicle from Marx Storage or Impound, you must provide the following:

1. An official photo ID (Drivers License, Passport, or other Government issued ID).

2. The release from the Storage Agency if necessary (CHP, GPD, or Other).

3. Payment of all fees due.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Cash on the release of a vehicle.  We do not take checks for release.

Retrieval of Personal Belongings

Personal belongings may be retrieved from your vehicle during normal business hours (8am-5pm, Monday through Friday, holidays excepted).  You must be the currently registered owner of the vehicle you wish to have access to.  If you are not the currently registered owner, be prepared to bring that person with you.  If you need to access your vehicle outside of normal business hours, or on a holiday, a Gate Fee may be required, equal to 1/2 of the hourly rate for the tow charge.  Personal belongings do not include items that are fastened to or mounted on the vehicle (tires, wheels, stereo, speakers, amplifiers, etc.), you may not remove these items unless the fees are paid and the vehicle has been returned to your possession. 


Our insurance does not allow anyone to work on their vehicles while in our yard. 

This includes installing or removing batteries, or providing fuel to the vehicle.


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